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M7.22 Import bibliographies from Pensoft to RefBank

04 May 2012
08 May 2012
Monthly growth in number of RefBank references because all new references in Pensoft publications are automatically added. Being from new Pensoft articles, the references are both of good quality and relevant to current research.


To assist in the growth of RefBank, new references in Pensoft1 publications are to be harvested as they are created.

As Plazi already receives Pensoft references automatically, and there is a benefit to RefBank to harvest Plazi citations too, this milestone built on these foundations. Therefore, the actual mechanism is for RefBank to harvest Plazi not Pensoft. This means that RefBank harvests references directly contributed to Plazi as well as those automatically passed to Plazi from Pensoft. Plazi files identified as coming from Pensoft are tagged2 accordingly. This can be seen in the accompanying screenshot. The screenshot shows the results of a search for references that have originated from 'pensoft'. The second result is marked 'Contributed by PensoftViaPlazi'.

Screenshot showing a file in RefBank that originated from Pensoft.

Screenshot showing a file in RefBank that originated from Pensoft.

The Plazi harvester is implemented in KIT's RefBank node.

The mechanism was ready in time for its planned due date, but I (Dauvit King) had not completed testing by that Friday. The further delay to Tuesday 8 May arose from the Monday being a Bank Holiday in the UK.


1 Pensoft is a ViBRANT partner.

2 The tagging functionality was added to RefBank in milestone M7.21.

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