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M7.15 - Define further milestones in the light of usage and feedback

This milestone is to define the milestones that occur later in the project, in accordance with the agile principles of ViBRANT, which means that we should not second guess what we are going to do. In summary, since the original plan was defined the Management committee have agreed that greater short term emphasis should be given to bibliography related tasks in preference to data mining tasks, which will be the emphasis in year three. The agreed milestones, following ManComm6, are:

  1. M7.21 Add metadata to cover origin of bibliographies - Fri 13/04/12
  2. M7.22 Import bibliographies from Pensoft to RefBank - Fri 04/05/12
  3. M7.23 Extend RefBank import routines to support other widely used bibliographic formats, eg BibTex, RIS, etc - Fri 29/06/12
  4. M7.24 Upload service for complete bibliographies - Fri 29/06/12
  5. M7.25 Enhance reference parser to parse references in bulk uploads - Wed 31/10/12
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