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Design Ideas

Main Portal Page

  • Prominent link to data tools (Google Charts with data export)
    • Create exportable datasets/visualisations that can be shared and commented on
  • Data summary (e.g. taxa totals, no. active users)
  • Monocot research (new scholarly articles feed)
  • Social? Twitter?

eMonocot Scratchpads

eMonocot Branding

  • Most mentions of Scratchpad should be eMonocot Scratchpad
  • eMonocot logo (top-right) should link to main site/portal
  • At the bottom of "eMonocot Scratchpads Task Guide: getting started" there are many links to non-eMonocot Scratchpads

Help Files, Training & Documentation

Replace Carnidae with a plant example that make use of plant-specific fields like hybrids (subset of Grassbase as a test dataset)

Create an eMonocot-specific sandbox (Scratchpads version 2.0?)

First Impressions

When you access a Demo Site the user is presented with a mixture of help & training making it potentially very confusing for a new user.

From the getting started page there are multiple ways to find help & documentation that is not all relevant:

  • Top navigation bar (the only appropriate help?)
  • Links in Task Guide: getting started:
    • training course link (not relevant - there should be eMonocot specific training here)
    • manual of the basic training course (takes you to an old Word document)
  • Issues > Help at bottom "Scratchpad Help Page" (not relevant)

Task List

The task list is a good place to direct new users but for eMonocot it should have a bullet for Create Taxon Description following Add a Biological Classification.

Demo Site Workflows/Design

  • 1. A single obvious way to access basic training (direct users to Task List?)
  • 2. Possibility to turn off basic training so a trainer can present custom training of particular features without any visual distractions.
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